This program provides Diagnostics and Prescriptive Services through a multi-disciplinary team comprising of Khushboo staff and specialists from renowned hospitals such as Fortis, Max and Medanta

This is the first contact point for every beneficiary. Each person approaching Khushboo for care is received in this program. An extensive assessment of the abilities of the child is done to identified whether the child is “Educable” or is just ”Trainable”.

Thereafter the development/intervention need of each patient is identified and an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is created.

Based on the needs identified, the person is made a part of one or more of the following programs:


This program is for;

  1. Children upto 3 years of age.
  2. .Children who need;
    • Therapeutic interventions for speech, physical, occupational and multi-sensory integration.
    • Consultations for medical and psychological and special education.
    • Counselling and guidance.


Physiotherapy Session

Speech therapy in progress

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