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Khushboo operates from its self owned 0.4 acre campus at Sector 10-A , Gurgaon, Haryana, land for which was allotted by the Govt of Haryana. A 17,000 sq ft built up area building houses the following facilities and equipment


Physiotherapy and Gymnasium

Equipped with facilities which include Muscle Stimulator, Microsoft Xbox with Kinect Game Console, Trampoline, Therapeutic balls, Balancing boards, Dumbbells, Weight cuffs etc, the section carries out various activities such as;

  • Weight bearing exercises to strengthen and recuperate weak muscles.
  • Standing programs to enhance leg muscle capacity.
  • Mobility enabling programs such as walking and wheelchair use.
  • Identifying and meeting orthopaedic needs.


Occupational Therapy

This therapy helps in developing skills which are a “must need “for daily living, improve basic motor functions and reasoning skills which protects the patients from permanent loss of functions. The activities carried out here include;

  • Multi-sensory stimulation and integration, “Oro-motor” exercises for eating and “Imitation techniques” for teaching new activities.
  • “Touch Therapy” sessions to improve tactile sense.
  • Balancing exercises like jumping, climbing stairs, swings etc to tone up body balancing.
  • Pick-n-release small objects use porcelain clay peg boards etc to improve motor skills.
  • Talk and clear commands to improve concentration and attention to commands etc.


Speech Therapy

This section provides a wide range of services, mainly on an individual basis, but also as support for families. The Speech Therapist works to assess, diagnose, prevent, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders. Working in collaboration with other sections,through a multidisciplinary approach ,the services provided include;

  • Cognitive aspects of communication
  • Speech (phonation, articulation), fluency, resonance, and voice(including aeromechanical components of respiration).
  • Language and pragmatic/social aspects of communication
  • Swallowing or other upper aerodigestive and aeromechanical functions
  • Sensory awareness related to communication,


Special Teaching aids

Communication and Assistive Technology Unit (CAT) which is one of the most impactful interventions in the domain of education and enhancement of living skills for people suffering from learning, cognitive, communication motor impairments. This unit, the first of its kind in India, has been set up in collaboration with Ash Field Academy, Leicester, UK, one of the leading Institutions in the field

This intervention is unique in the sense that it provides a transformative and learning experience to the children, which helps them to overcome their communication and motor impairment. Smart boards and other interactive teaching aids.



This intervention facilitates the integration of the child with the family as the latter plays an important role in rehabilitative progress of the person. The process of counselling involves;

  • Understand child’s uniqueness, identify their strengths/talents and their struggles/areas of development
  • Develop a partnership between the teachers and parents to bring desired changes in the child
  • Facilitate learning new skills and try new behaviours


Since the parents and children struggle with challenges in everyday living, skills/new skills lead to improvement in the quality of life of children as well as the parents.

At Khushboo, counselling is an important and integral part of the care process.



There is enough evidence that Yoga works at different levels and is an effective therapy for conditions that do not have any conventional treatment methods. Children with Down syndrome and other development disabilities, who practice Yoga often surprise their families and teachers with the quick mastery of basic motor, communication and cognitive skills. Regular practice of Yoga leads to greater concentration, balance and composure in their daily living. Long-term gains include relaxation and softening of inner tensions/blockages, higher degree of body-mind equilibrium and a feeling of energetic buoyancy that enables them to carry through even the most difficult days.

Yoga sessions are an essential part of the daily activities for all children under our care and are formally included in the curriculum.


Expressive and Performing arts

Activities such as dance & music encourage large muscle movements and promote greater joint mobility. It also improves muscle tone, spatial awareness & co-ordination and kinaesthetic. It stimulates the “feel good” endorphins and facilitates enhancement of social skills.

It is tailored to meet the individual needs and capabilities. It is one that has the highest level of participation from the children who eagerly look forward to these sessions.


Computer Laboratory

Given their handicaps, persons with disabilities have limitations in participating in a typical classroom environment. In this lab we use computer based technologies which enable them to participate in a broad range of educational activities and become active learners alongside peers who do not have disabilities.

A specially designed programme- Ability Enhancement Multimedia programme, provides a comprehensively structured multimedia training .Over a period of time, this leads to enhancement of the capabilities of the children. It also helps them to get trained in fine arts/computer graphics and use it as a productive vocational skill.


Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training

Wide ranges of facilities have been created to train people for various vocational skills. These include;

  • Pottery
  • Cooking and catering
  • Art & Handicrafts such as bead making, paper bags, paper mashie moulding, organic colours etc.
  • Light duty industrial activity such as packaging (Bubble Sheet wrapping) etc.
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