Khushboo operates from a self owned campus of 0.4 acres, land for which was allotted by Haryana Govt. The campus houses a 17,424 sq ft of built up area which ensures easy accessibility to our children and conforms to the needs of the special children. The building specifications include:

  •   Large airy and natural light lit rooms
  •   Wheel-chair friendly ramps.
  •   Automatic sliding doors
  •   Wide staircases with easy to hold side-railings.
  •   Big, steel, water dispensers on each floor.
  •   Disabled friendly toilets near classrooms.
  •   Open area for sports and recreation activities.


At Khushboo, we are constantly trying to improve our services; be it in form of new amenities, modern machines, latest technology, innovative teaching aids etc. The aim is to make learning easy and fun.

Our facilities are detailed as follows:

Physiotherapy and Gymnasium

This section comprises of;

  •   Muscle stimulator
  •   Microsoft Xbox
  •   Kinect game console
  •   Trampoline
  •   Therapeutic exercise balls
  •   Balancing boards
  •   Dumbbells
  •   Weight cuffs
  •   Parallel bars
  •   Walkers
  •   Rollators
  •   Motorised and manual wheel chairs
  •   Full-body vibrator: Our most recent acquisition from Netherlands.
  •   Bench press for weights
  •   Tilt table
  •   Standing frame


Occupational Therapy (OT) with multi sensory integration room

This facility comprises of the following:

  •   Sensory integration room
  •   Leg Boards
  •   Dart Boards
  •   Balance Boards
  •   Hip Rotator.
  •   Tread Mill
  •   Texture Mats


Computer Laboratory

This facility is housed in a bright room and is equipped with :

  • Six computers
  • Special Mouse and key boards to meet the needs of the children.


Audiometery Laboratory:

This state of the art facility is housed in sound proof room having the following:

  •   IHS ABR System (BERA)
  •   Audiometer
  •   Oto Acoustic Emissions
  •   Tympanometer
  •   Video Otoscope
  •   Portable Audiometer
  •   Speech training Software- Dr. Speech


Special Teaching aids

Communication and Assistive Technology (CAT) Unit:

  •   First of its kind in India has been set up in collaboration with Ash Field Academy, UK. This is an impactful intervention to provide transformative and learning experience to children suffering from learning disorders, cognitive dissonance and communication motor impairments and comprises of:
  •   Interactive White Boards
  •   Special software for teaching

This intervention is unique in the sense that it provides a transformative and learning experience to the children, which helps them to overcome their communication and motor impairment. Smart boards and other interactive teaching aids.


Transportation facilities:

A fleet of 5 self-owned vehicles pick up the children from their homes and drops them back after the center closes for the day. All our drivers and attendants have been made aware of the home routes of each child. To ensure safety compliance all our vehicles are equipped with:

  •   Safety belts
  •   CCTV
  •   GPS tracker
  •   AC
  •   Side handles/ Boarding handles
  •   An attendant in the bus throughout the journey
  •   Licensed and skilled drivers
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