Komal aged 6 years, a cerebral palsy patient with mental retardation joined Khushboo’s preschool program in August 2015.

When she came to us she had poor coordination, difficulty in holding objects, improper balancing and poor walking pattern. She was not able to do routine activities like dressing, eating properly etc. We focussed on training her on a wide range of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and enrolled her in a class for imparting functional academics under the guidance of our Special Educators. We also worked on strengthening her upper extremities and improving her walking patterns. In two months she has shown remarkable improvement and started walking properly. There was also improvement in her motor skills.

In March 2016, Komal moved to the “Blessings” program. She is now able to hold objects like thick pen, paint brush, spoon etc. She is now learning to eat food by her own and has started taking care of her personal belongings. She is now able to recognise basic colours and common fruits. Komal has shown interest in Dance and Yoga, follows the instructions of the teacher carefully and actively participates in the activities.

She is turning out to be an outgoing and confident person. Recently she participated in a dance competition organized at state level for special children and was one of youngest participant. Her performance was highly appreciated by judges and organizers. She has no fear of performing on stage in front of a large audience. Her progress is a source of joy and encouragement for the entire Khushboo staff.



Harshit- 3 years, is also a patient of cerebral palsy and mental retardation. He joined Khushboo in December 2015 and comes for Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy sessions.

Harshit was not able to sit independently and used to avoid eye contact. We worked with him to make him to be able to sit and walk by his own. After 6 months of physiotherapy sessions, Harshit is now able to walk slowly with some help and has started establishing eye contact with others. The initial progress makes us feel that Harshit should be able to improve further.

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